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Individuelle Termine / Individual Appointments

Haben Sie Fragen zum Schulsystem in Bayern (Klasse 1 bis Klasse 12/Klasse 13) oder zu Kinderbetreuung in München?
Do you feel lost in the German school education (grade 1 to 12/13) or day-care system (0 to 6 years and beyond)?

  • Everything you always wanted to know about Krippe & Kindergarten Alles was Sie schon immer über Krippe und Kindergarten wissen wollten
  • Everything you always wanted to know about Primary School for parents of kids who start this year or later
  • Everything you always wanted to know about Gymnasium, Realschule, Mittelschule
  • Fragen zum Übertritt von 4. Klasse zu den weiterführenden Schulen
    Questions about the so-called „Übertritt“ from Primary School 4th grade to Gymnasium, Realschule, Mittelschule
  • How to really help your child – for parents with kids already in Gymnasium or who start soon
  • How to prepare your child for Primary School and beyond
  • How to prepare your child for Gymnasium, Realschule, Mittelschule

Do you have any other questions regarding your child and regarding the German school system?

Short session Regular session In-house appointment or presentation
30 min session via Skype or Phone 60 min session in person in central Munich or near LMU University or via Skype/Phone In-house appointment or presentation of 90-120 minutes at your day-care center or company
(We can also offer customized presentations for your specific situation, please contact us for details)
45 EUR (30 min) 90 EUR (60 min)
(+ 45 EUR for each additional 30 minute slot )
From 240 EUR (>90 min)


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